TIANSHI CHITOSAN CAPSULES. (detoxifier and immune booster)

This is an all round detoxifier. Also known as the gold of Japan. It is so because Japan πŸ—Ύ is one of the most heavy creation of metal across the globe 🌍, so therefore, they consume chitosan to bind and remove heavy metals from the system and hence preventing the multiplication of cancerous cells. The major component of chitosan capsules is chitosan chitin.

Chitosan – chitin is a product of natural source, derived from the hard outer integument of marine invertebrates, anthropoids, and the red-footed crab especially. Due to its unique physiological properties crab retarding cells ageing, and auto-regulatory of the body metabolic processes it may be regarded as a functional food. It is a technologically advanced product of 10years of intensive research, and integration of the efforts of 13universities,with over 1,000 scientists and financial input of one hundred million US DOLLARS.

FUNCTIONS:It is capable of removing all toxins from the body and prevent further entry of toxins. Chitozan helps to kill kinoids and moreover heal wounds from within thereby regenerating new body cells. It destroys cancerous cells, fungi, gastric, chronic stomach ache… Chitozan is a very good product especially for HIV patients,it boost their immune system and keeps them more stronger and healthier .chitozan breaks down bad fats and turns it into energy for body usage.

I am FUNUE DESAI FUNTONG from Cameroon and an international TIENS distributor… Here is my Tiens card πŸ’³ number 96099407 for any purchases be it online or anywhere you might find yourself. Help and safe lives with this valuable information..


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