Natural calcium is an immune booster and one of the most abundant trace element in the body. It is the back bone of a good health.. Calcium serves like electricity in the body and once it is not available in the body system? One is exposed to more than 200 different types of illnesses.. WHO demands we consume 1000mg of calcium daily. 99% of the calcium is stored in the bones and in the teeth. Just 1% circulates in the blood performing the duty of fuel and when it gets finish, the blood goes to the bones and teeth to take calcium for usage day in day out and the body runs out of calcium without us knowing..


FOR THE MEN, the penis needs calcium for its activities so that it can be able to expand and relax as well as the heart. Once the heart fails to contract and relax, one is bound to have cardiovascular illnesses. The lack of calcium too in men leads to unable to procreate since the sperms lack energy to go in and fertilize the eggs…. So men who cannot procreate you have the solution.

The lack of calcium in the human body leads to low bioelectricity voltage. One you have low bioelectricity, you are exposed to constant nerves, meningitis and all organs malfunction.

FOR THE WOMEN , they need what the call calcium vibration in the ovaries so as to magnet the sperm produced by the men. That’s why most women always loose their babies while still in the womb and others don’t get pregnant at all… Calcium is important for blood clothing this is necessary for pregnant women because during delivery if their blood do not cloth, they might bleed to dead… The cervix of a woman needs to contract and relax for a safe delivery if not operation will be needed and some women die during the process. To an extent the lack of calcium in pregnant women leads to blindness during delivery and others go mad.

FOR CHILDREN. Children needs calcium for their formation since in the womb. Once a mother is calcium deficient? The child automatically will lack the calcium… That’s why some children are born with large heads and other body deformities like curved legs and k-legs…

So therefore TIENS offers the best natural calcium that goes straight in the bones and teeth and not like the chemical calcium sold around which remains in the blood… Make the wise decision to consume TIENS products for a better life no matter where you are you can get access to its wonderful products just present this information in any TIENS shop around your area FUNUE DESAI FUNTONG and an identification number 96099406 and do your purchases…. TIENS is in more than 224 different countries…. It those house delivery..


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