Prevention is better than cure In as much as Tiens offers health products to rebuild the human cells, tissues, organs, system and the whole body,Tiens also provides a wonderful health gadget which is THE TIENS AUTOPEDIC MATRASS. The TIENS matrass has 360 precious stones, the matrass is portable and easy to clean.

Characteristics of the Tiens matrass.

The matrass is capable to balance the water molecules in the body hence helps to improve the bioelectricity of the body.

It ameliorate the cells in the body thereby giving a good cell activity and as a result enhance a perfect metabolism (digestion) to take place.

It purifies the blood and equilibrates the blood PH.

It vitalise the body due to infra red rays that is been released from the matrass.

It helps in the automatic balance of the nervous system. The matrass produces negative iron in the body thereby promoting a sound sleep.

The various precious elements found in the matrass.

1-tourmaline:it improves on the bioelectricity of the body thereby balancing the positive and negative ions in the body. Tourmaline in extreme cases, balances internal heat of the body.

2-jade:it takes away radio active waves from the body. Red race are trapped in more in the system thereby improving good blood circulation.

3-infra red rays:improves water molecules up to 80% to function well… Improves in micro circulation of the body (regeneration of cells). The infra reds rays improves on the general metabolism of the body.. It balances the body PH thereby preventing gout.

4-bamboo:it traps poisonous substance out of the body. Good for diabetics.

I am Funue Desai Funtong and my TIENS card 💳 number is 96099406… Use the info and get your self one with a 30% discount.


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