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Be a millionaire with Tiens

To start the Tiens business, the first step is to get a license, which is a starter kit. This will cost you $20 or 12,600FCFA and you will be issued a Tiens Group Distributor’s card bearing your identification number. Associated with this card are two advantages:
1. You are an international, independent Tiens distributor
– International means you can do Tiens business in all 224 countries where the company is represented presently.
– Independent means you are the CEO of your business, in partnership with Tiens. Therefore your growth in the company depends solely on you.
2. You purchase all products from the company at 30% discount.

STEP TWO: You need to acquire a Development Rank, also known as a Joining Package. This is done when you purchase a one of a lifetime pack of the company’s products to become a bonafied member of the company. There are 3 joining packages or options:
1. You are a GOLD Card owner when you purchase products of your choice worth $400, an equivalence of 264,000FCFA

2. You can choose the SILVER Option when you purchase products worth $200 or 132,000FCFA

3. You could also join as BRONZE, when you purchase products amounting to $100 or 66,000FCFA.
The products you get from this purchase, we advise you consume because our business is a business of story, story, story. If you use the products and they are good, it will be easier to share your experience with others but if you don’t use them, you will have little or nothing to talk about. Some people even prefer to share their products with their friends while others also keep the rest of the stock for use in home parties and demonstrations. Whatever way you want it is your business.
It should be noted that the products are worth the amount of money invested so you have nothing to lose even if you don’t network the business.

The THIRD STEP which is the most important is to share this unique opportunity to others, probably your circle of friends and the people you meet on a daily basis. So in this business, one of the things you need to do is to assemble the contacts of the people you know and collect those of the people you meet to make up your active name list of prospects. This is what makes up your capital in this business.
Then finally, you do the LAST STEP which is Duplication. You’ll learn how to teach both online and offline. You’ll learn to duplicate what you have learned by teaching your friends and as they also repeat the same thing, you start to make money.
Remember that immediately you buy a joining package , you are already in a position to start making money. The company will open an online home office for you where you can monitor whatever is happening in your network.
It will surprise you that the company offers SEVEN (7) ways to make money:
~ The first three bonuses institute what we call Development Sales Bonus and are paid weekly. This weekly pay is attracted by the activity you do in recruiting, enrolling, in bringing in new people to your network. These bonuses are: Direct Sponsoring Bonus, Development Bonus, Coaching Bonus.
~ The next three bonuses constitute Retail Sales Bonus and are paid monthly. These bonuses are earned whenever you or any member of your team reorder more Tiens products. They are: Sales bonus, Excellence bonus, and Honorary bonus.
~ The 7th bonus is called Special Awards and you are eligible for this bonus once you attain the honorary ranks in the company. They are: International Seminars, Luxury car award, Luxury villa award. Interesting, isn’t it?
Now let’s take a closer look at the bonuses:

This is the bonus you earn when you introduce others to Tiens and help them choose a joining package. What you earn is a percentage of the package they will choose, according to your own rank.
• if you are Gold, you earn 18%
• if you are Silver, you earn 15%
• if you are Bronze, you earn 10% of whatever package they will choose.
For Example:
Here is John. He is Gold. In a week, he recruits four friends, who all choose Gold packages. John’s Direct Sponsoring Bonus is calculated thus:
( 18% of $400) *4= $228, an equivalence of 136,800FCFA.
This is just for one week. Imagine what John’s income will look like if he does this for a month.

This is the bonus you earn when you have at least two people in your network. It is calculated using the binary systems, by matching pairs of structures in your network.
• if you are Gold, you earn 11% per match and your cap or the max you ear per match is $4000
• if you are Silver, you earn 10% per match and your cap is $2000
•if you are Bronze, you earn 9% per match and your cap is $800
Here is an Example:
Mary is Gold and in one week she recruits three friends who do $400(Gold), $200(Silver) and $100( Bronze). Her development bonus is calculated as follows:
• $400 is matched with the runners up $200. She earns 11% of $200= $22
• The difference of $200 is then matched with the next, $100. She earns 11% of $100= $11
• The remainder of $100 is carried forward to the following week.
This carried forward value of $100 is valid for 12 weeks, after which it is simply discarded if she doesn’t do any recruits.
Therefore Mary’s development bonus for the week totals $33 or 19800FCFA. Isn’t this amazing?

This is a reward you get for growing a deeper network. It is 4% of the development bonus of your downlines
– if you are Gold, you earn 4% of each person’s development bonus in your network down to the fourth generation or level.
– As Silver, you earn 4% only for two generations
– Bronze holders do not earn coaching bonus. Therefore, again you see the need to join either as Gold or Silver.
The number of people that you can personally introduce is unlimited. Each level can be as wide and as profitable as you want. Imagine what your income will look like if you personally introduced 40 to 50 people.

Before we get to the 4th bonus, there is good news for you. Your career in the company is managed using what we call the DISTRIBUTOR’S RANKS. There are two main types:
• The BASIC ranks are star rated and movement from one star level to another is by the accumulation of Point Value(PV), where 1 PV= $1(1 Dollar). Each distributor at the point of registration is rated 3* and gradually moves up the ranks to 8*, as their network grows
• The HONORARY ranks are titles you earn as others meet you at the 8* level. These titles will range from BRONZE LION, SILVER LION, GOLD LION, STAR GOLD LION, DIRECTOR, to HONORARY DIRECTOR.
The company pays monthly bonuses according to these distributor’s ranks.

This is a percentage of the purchases you or members of your team make within the month. The sales bonus will depend on your distributor’s rank and the rank of your team members:
~ As a 4*, you earn 15% of your monthly purchase as sales bonus. As 5*, you earn 18%, 6*= 22%, 7*=27%, 8*= 32%,….., honorary director = 40.5%
~ You also earn indirectly from the members of your team( network) who are at a lower star level
For Example:
Here is Bryan, an 8* distributor. He earns 32% of his purchases for the month as sales bonus.
– He also earns indirectly from his network as follows:
( 32%-27%) = 5% from all 7* distributors
(32%-22%) = 10% from all 6* distributors
(32%-18%) = 14% from all 5* distributors
(32%-15%) = 17% from all 4* distributors
(32%-0%) = 32% from all 3* distributors in his network.
This is fantastic, isn’t it?

This bonus is applicable for 8* and above, where you become a Regional Profit Sharer of the company. 8% of the total repeat order sales in all of Africa is distributed to all distributors who are 8* and above.
This is where you can start to earn what we call passive income. Your income generating asset is mature and just like the spider web, can catch multiple prey. Huge sums of money, millions!!!

This bonus is applicable for distributors who are Bronze Lion and above. It is paid quarterly, that is , after every three months. It is 1% of the company’s world sales.

SPECIAL AWARDS: These are special incentives earned as you grow through the honorary ranks. Three types:
~ International Travel Award for those who have attained the rank of Bronze Lion as they automatically qualify for all international seminars.
~ The Tiens Luxury Car Award is for those who have attained the rank of Gold Lion. The car is worth $30,000
~ The Tiens Luxury Villa award for distributors who have attained the rank of honorary director. It is worth $170,000

My dear friend, these are the SEVEN WAYS to make the millions with Tiens. This is a taste of the super hybrid 1000Horsepower compensation plan. How will you feel if you are paid for a lifetime for talking just once?
Start the journey to success today. Take that first step to a life that you deserve. Invest in your health today and enjoy that financial and time freedom in the nearest future.

Use my info for any registration or purchases…….. NAME:FUNUE DESAI FUNTONG……. Tiens card number :96099406… Telephone :+237652090962

Every lady’s dream

TIENS offers 💯 % natural panty liner for ladies. It got negative anions, mint and mentole to keep the genital organ fresh and void from bacterial, it’s flexible, it has a good absorption, it is capable of preventing menstrual cramps etc…….

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Wealth with health is an asset..

Kitchen is the best hospital. The best medicine is food.

In this world u can have someone drive your car for you, earn money for you and even spend money for you but nobody can take your place in sickness.

You can virtually recover anything that has been thrown away but there is something that would be gone forever if you throw it away. And that is life.

One of the richest men in Asia Jack Ma once spoke of an anecdote :if u put a banana and a stack of cash in front of a monkey, it would choose a banana because it doesn’t know that money can buy lots of bananas.

Today when they put health and wealth in front of people, many choose wealth surprisingly. But did you know? You can’t buy health even with all the money in the world. People ruin their lives with the misconceptions they have and by the time they enter the operating room, they have an epiphany :nothing is more valuable than health.

Wealth with health is an asset. Wealth without health is an inheritance. Most people spend the remainder of their lives depleting their life savings, but in the end, they still can’t buy health. What’s sadder is, they leave a massive mountain of debt upon death, burdening their loved ones and posterity. Would you resign yourself to a fate like this?… You may think that you are perfectly healthy right now, but the collective experience of human society has taught us:death doesn’t make an appointment.. Rising football star Ernie Davis died at the age of 23 after being diagnosed with leukaemia, he was never able to play a game in the NFL. Elvis Presley died at the age of 42 suffering from a heart attack due to drug abuse. Jazz Legend John Coltrane died at the age of 40 he had liver cancer. How many of your family and friends have left us? Only we ourselves know.

Just because you feel strong today, doesn’t doesn’t mean that you will still be strong 10years later. Many chronic deadly diseases begin to develop from the slightest damages….. Today u still have a chance to prevent them with TIENS natural products , so why not save a pound of cure with an ounce of prevention.

If you don’t pay attention to health care today, you are destined to pay your health care bills someday. 80% of those who don’t invest in health care will spend all their life savings in the last few years of their lives in the hospital, and leave this world in pain and sickness.

In this world 95% of the population die from illnesses and only 5% die from natural causes. Don’t think that it will never happen to you. Don’t be blindly optimistic. You have to know many patients lying in the hospitals today had those kind of attitudes when they were young.

Health is so essential to us, we must be careful not to go beyond the point of return, not only inflicting pain upon ourselves but also a burdening our family and children whom we love, forcing them to spend time and money on a patient.

Do you want to spend the last half of yourself life Bed bound, or do you want to be like Tun Dr Mahathir, who was elected as prime minister at the age of 93?..

Your destiny depends on your decision!!… I am FUNUE DESAI FUNTONG an international TIENS health distributor… Turns card number 96099407. Buy your TIENS products in any Tiens shop or country you might find yourself by using my info. Consume be healthy, be as a member, recommend too and earn commissions.


Prevention is better than cure In as much as Tiens offers health products to rebuild the human cells, tissues, organs, system and the whole body,Tiens also provides a wonderful health gadget which is THE TIENS AUTOPEDIC MATRASS. The TIENS matrass has 360 precious stones, the matrass is portable and easy to clean.

Characteristics of the Tiens matrass.

The matrass is capable to balance the water molecules in the body hence helps to improve the bioelectricity of the body.

It ameliorate the cells in the body thereby giving a good cell activity and as a result enhance a perfect metabolism (digestion) to take place.

It purifies the blood and equilibrates the blood PH.

It vitalise the body due to infra red rays that is been released from the matrass.

It helps in the automatic balance of the nervous system. The matrass produces negative iron in the body thereby promoting a sound sleep.

The various precious elements found in the matrass.

1-tourmaline:it improves on the bioelectricity of the body thereby balancing the positive and negative ions in the body. Tourmaline in extreme cases, balances internal heat of the body.

2-jade:it takes away radio active waves from the body. Red race are trapped in more in the system thereby improving good blood circulation.

3-infra red rays:improves water molecules up to 80% to function well… Improves in micro circulation of the body (regeneration of cells). The infra reds rays improves on the general metabolism of the body.. It balances the body PH thereby preventing gout.

4-bamboo:it traps poisonous substance out of the body. Good for diabetics.

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