Wealth with health is an asset..

Kitchen is the best hospital. The best medicine is food.

In this world u can have someone drive your car for you, earn money for you and even spend money for you but nobody can take your place in sickness.

You can virtually recover anything that has been thrown away but there is something that would be gone forever if you throw it away. And that is life.

One of the richest men in Asia Jack Ma once spoke of an anecdote :if u put a banana and a stack of cash in front of a monkey, it would choose a banana because it doesn’t know that money can buy lots of bananas.

Today when they put health and wealth in front of people, many choose wealth surprisingly. But did you know? You can’t buy health even with all the money in the world. People ruin their lives with the misconceptions they have and by the time they enter the operating room, they have an epiphany :nothing is more valuable than health.

Wealth with health is an asset. Wealth without health is an inheritance. Most people spend the remainder of their lives depleting their life savings, but in the end, they still can’t buy health. What’s sadder is, they leave a massive mountain of debt upon death, burdening their loved ones and posterity. Would you resign yourself to a fate like this?… You may think that you are perfectly healthy right now, but the collective experience of human society has taught us:death doesn’t make an appointment.. Rising football star Ernie Davis died at the age of 23 after being diagnosed with leukaemia, he was never able to play a game in the NFL. Elvis Presley died at the age of 42 suffering from a heart attack due to drug abuse. Jazz Legend John Coltrane died at the age of 40 he had liver cancer. How many of your family and friends have left us? Only we ourselves know.

Just because you feel strong today, doesn’t doesn’t mean that you will still be strong 10years later. Many chronic deadly diseases begin to develop from the slightest damages….. Today u still have a chance to prevent them with TIENS natural products , so why not save a pound of cure with an ounce of prevention.

If you don’t pay attention to health care today, you are destined to pay your health care bills someday. 80% of those who don’t invest in health care will spend all their life savings in the last few years of their lives in the hospital, and leave this world in pain and sickness.

In this world 95% of the population die from illnesses and only 5% die from natural causes. Don’t think that it will never happen to you. Don’t be blindly optimistic. You have to know many patients lying in the hospitals today had those kind of attitudes when they were young.

Health is so essential to us, we must be careful not to go beyond the point of return, not only inflicting pain upon ourselves but also a burdening our family and children whom we love, forcing them to spend time and money on a patient.

Do you want to spend the last half of yourself life Bed bound, or do you want to be like Tun Dr Mahathir, who was elected as prime minister at the age of 93?..

Your destiny depends on your decision!!… I am FUNUE DESAI FUNTONG an international TIENS health distributor… Turns card number 96099407. Buy your TIENS products in any Tiens shop or country you might find yourself by using my info. Consume be healthy, be as a member, recommend too and earn commissions.


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