Prevention is better than cure >INGREDIENTS :green tea extracts, lotus leaves, jiaogulan and zhishouwu;Gynostemma pentaphyllum, cassia abtusifolia, polygonum multiflorum, lecithin, zinc, vitamin A;copper, selenium, Ginseng.

All the above ingredients makes TIENS ANTILIPEMIC TEA exceptional from any other tea one can find around. This tea is one of the most important products TIENS offers for detoxification. That is, for cleaning the body system.


This precious tea first of all is a detoxifier. It contains 84 different amino acids. The tea prevents and reduces bad cholesterol(fat);regulates kidney function and hence prevents dialises, reduces the heart beat rate; improves in blood circulation ; the tea increases blood flow volume in the arteries; helps to maintain good vision; reduces blood pressure; ameliorates digestive and urinary system; it is an anti aging; anti inflammatory; anti cough; the tea fights mucus; reduces blood triglycerides; fights heart attacks, strocke and myocardial infarction; vitalizes and tonifies the body; stimulates sexual function; prevents cancer, AIDS and high blood pressure; improves memory; The tea is good for time lag and altitude sickness; moreover it is an anti poison.

Here is my name:FUNUE DESAI FUNTONG and my TIENS card number 96099407… You can do purchases in any TIENS shop wherever you find yourself… Do the right thing by buying and consuming to get its beneficial outcome. You won’t regret.


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