Prevention is better than cure. >This tea is one of the detoxifier TIENS offers for good organs function… Clinical trial studies have shown that the main functions of Tianshi Slimming Tea include the following dispensing with lipids, controlling obesity, improving digestion, accelerating metabolism and promoting excretion.

Each of the main ingredients has its unique functions as will be discussed below :

Folium Nelumbinis (Lotus): it has a bitter taste. It enhances the endurance of the human body against heat and humid conditions. Experience has ut that it can uplift the spirit,dissolve blood clot within the body system and enhance clotting during bleeding. Research has revealed that the distilled lotus could expand the blood vessels in a drop in the blood pressure.

Semen Cassiae: semen cassiae is one of the Chinese traditional herbs with sweet and bitter taste. The most active substance extracted from semen cassia is a plant steroid,anthracene. Its main mode of action is by dissolving the blood cholesterol and cleansing the dissolved substances from the system. And as a result of this action, it will limit the occurrence of arteriosclerosis.

Oolong Tea and Herba Cornutae Seulatifoliae:these two two significant herbs have been known to enhance the endurance of the body. They possesses some antibiotic and antiviral properties, anti-inflammatory ability, anti-tusive activity and even dries the sputum. They make aid digestion, cleanse the blood stream of cholesterol and lip for efficient brain supply thereby refreshing the system. Their unique effects on slimming and controlling obesity make them remarkable in this field. Their ability to detoxify enables them as an antioxidant with anti-radiaton and anticancer function.

Rhizome Alismatis:Rhizome Alismatis functions by accelerating the decomposition of fat in the body system. This reduces the precursor for the formation of cholesterol thus lessening the cholesterol level in the body. This function will affect the blood lipid level which results in the prevention of arteriosclerosis.

Radixet Rhizoma Rhei :this plant enhances the movement of the intestine and this in effect improves emptying of bowel. It is used in conditions like constipation and obesity…… In general, Tianshi slimming tea is known to be effective in cleansing the blood stream levels of cholesterol and lipid, detoxifies the system of free radicals, enhances clotting during bleeding, and has no side effects documented. It has been reported that slimming Tea has remarkably reduced patients with serious weight control conditions.. The tea regularise women menstrual cycle and relaxes painful menstruation, improves vision as well, unblock block fallopian tubes of women. This tea is very nutritive and gives energy to diabetic patients through the burning of bad fat..

Grab your own now and enjoy the benefits where ever you maybe. Use this number for identification 96099406, Funue Desai Funtong are my names….. WhatsApp contact +237652090962…. Present the above information for any purchase be it in any TIENS shop or online for delivery 🚚… Www.tiens.com.


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